I'm Joanna


My name is Sarah Smith and I am a fully qualified personal trainer and nutrition advisor. I specialize in take people from a level of little to no fitness to the healthiest, fittest and happiest level they have ever been. 

I have not always been into fitness, in fact when I was at school I was one of the children who always used to get their parents to write a note so I could skip PE! It wasn’t until I turned 18 and joined a gym that I actually discovered how enjoyable and rewarding exercise can be. 15 years on and fitness is my life! When I’m not sleeping, I’m either exercising, training clients, studying or eating healthy, delicious food (I love eating!).

I offer 1-2-1 training sessions, group training, outdoor training and nutrition services, so whatever your goal or current fitness level I can help. 


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I am always studying and looking to improve my own knowledge. Here are some of the qualification I have achieved in the health and fitness industry so far.

Covering a wide variety of health and fitness practices including core training, exercise for fat loss and nutrition and weight management
Includes pre and post natal nutrition, vegan & plant based diets, nutrition for older adults, meal planning and nutrition for sport & exercise
Basic, intermediate and advanced pilates training plus support pre & postnatal women, assist clients to recover from and avoid repeat injuries and support clients with common joint conditions
Qualified in all aspects of yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.